A Tribute to Inspiration

When starting a new venture in life, you can find inspiration in those closest to you.  Today’s post will be of a personal nature, where we can pay tribute to those who have inspired us.  When designing our office we wanted  a work environment that was filled with items that would infuse a constant creative mood.   These photos are of two of the most influential people in both of our lives that are no longer with us, but will live on through all of the excitement and ideas that we bring to our clients.

The photo on the top is of Melissa’s uncle, William T., architect/photographer who would continually tell her to “take the picture in your mind and bring it to life!”  He would encourage her to allow people to see what she sees.  

The photo below is of Sara’s father, William N., who went to school for architectural design and dabbled in so many areas of creativity, that would challenge her to think outside of the box, and influence other people by her passion for design.

It is because of these two men that we are sitting in our office together today, designing for others, designing for life.  And we thank them.

We hope sharing this will help you create a space that inspires you.

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Sara and Melissa

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