You Asked! We Answered! Area Rug Size Guide

One of our followers wrote in to “Ask The Designers” for the month of November. Caitlin from Boston asked us about choosing the right size area rug for her living room. We loved this question because so many people have asked us about this. Here is our area rug size guide. You have to take into account the size of the room and the furniture in your space. As shown in the “BEST” image below having all pieces of furniture comfortably rests on your rug is the ideal scenario. However, we know large area rugs can quickly eat up a rooms budget so there is another alternative. In the “ACCEPTABLE”  image you can see that at least two of the four legs of each piece of furniture rest on the rug. The third image, “POOR”, shows what not to do. Make sure that no matter what size the rug is that it is never smaller than the width of the sofa. We hope this helps.

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