Before and After… A Fresh Take

This master bathroom came a long way in its transformation, living up to its name of offering a fresh take on this bathroom space. We revived and revamped every aspect of this bathroom from the floor up! From layout to decor everything was designed to offer a spacious and refreshing bathroom. Let’s see some of the major transformations within this bathroom…


Perhaps the area in which you can see the biggest transformation is the vanity. From dark wood and brown counters to fresh grays and marble tops this before and after can hardly be compared!


Looking deeper into the details we transformed the walls into hidden storage compartments beside their sink, to store all their bathroom necessities without putting them on display. We look at every inch of a room, even solid walls, for an opportunity to innovate and redesign.


From brown ceramic tile to white marble & tile mosaics this floor is the epitome of fresh and clean. White flooring in a bathroom makes such a difference in adding brightness, not to mention the mosaic pathway features pearlescent tiles to give a little extra shine and sophistication.


We wanted to take this outmoded shower and transform it into a luxurious and rejuvenating escape. We fitted it with a waterfall feature, tile wall detailing, and ceiling molding, not to mention we designed it to over double in size!

The metamorphosis of this room in both style and space is so rewarding for us as designers to provide to a client for their master bath. Never underestimate the power of a clean and spacious bathroom in its ability to revitalize you for your day.

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Sara and Melissa

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