Before and After: Heavenly Haven…Opposites Attract

This client’s master bedroom was begging for some transformation from its outdated and unfinished state. We wanted to create an inviting master bedroom that inspired relaxation and rejuvenation. The space offered a lot of potential, with its stately architecture and open window exposure. They moved into this beautiful estate overlooking a Connecticut vineyard that yearned for a design to compliment the architecture of the home yet personalize the transitional taste of this young couple.

We brightened up the room with gray color ways that complement the natural lighting, to create a serene ambiance for them to retire to each day. Combining these cool tones with warm tones created a stunning effect; the gold detailing of the end table, golden accessories and even the light from the chandelier added warmth and elegance to the classic grays in the master bedroom. While monochromatic designs are beautiful in their own right these contrasting details entertain the eye and add a level of sophistication. We encourage everyone to see that opposites in design can in fact attract! The subtle marriage of these tones provided the perfect room transformation and a truly exquisite example of understated elegance.

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