Custom Detail vs. Retail

In all of our projects we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We often use the term “Custom Detail” when referring to specific parts of our projects. This doesn’t mean we order via retail a specific cabinet or pillow, it goes much deeper than that. We realize that not everyone understands exactly what a truly custom design entails…

One of our most frequent custom detailing is in bedding and pillow design. From choosing through countless fabric swatches we find the perfect fabric, match it with a trim and then create the measurements custom done to our clients bed size, or pillow requirements. They are sewn to our specifications and thus created uniquely for our client. We also incorporate these methods for upholstery and window treatments, utilizing different fabrics, nail heads and trims and carefully measuring to each window or chair. 

As we always say, we “Design for Life”, meaning everything we create we tailor to suit our clients lives and is custom created to fit their preferences. You’ll notice, especially in our mudroom and closet designs, that everything has its’ own perfectly fitted space. That is because we visit our clients home’s prior to designing and measure everything they plan to store down to the 16th of an inch, from their rain-boots to their children’s shoes, and design the storage to exactly fit their needs. This involves constant sketching and reorganizing of closet and mudroom plans and millwork detail. We want these spaces to be not only visually pleasing but functional for their particulate lifestyle.

Custom design is truly an art. It may be meticulous and pain-staking work but the outcome is always very rewarding; fulfilling our mantra of providing top quality design and leaving no detail untouched. 

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