Design Destinations: London

London is often known as the epitome of style and sophistication, within her two months abroad our design assistant has surely seen this to be true! Discovering some of the most stunning and interesting interiors we decided to feature photos of these unique designs here! While not all of these designs would be easily replicated in a home, we have such an appreciation for their interesting style and awe-inspiring effects. Here are a few of the most beautiful interior design destinations in London…

  1. One of the most famous hotels in London, and its not hard to tell why, is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It boasts beautiful dining rooms like these that feature a colorful and whimsical style. With incredible lighting elements and detailed millwork we love the playful extravagance of these rooms.

Mandarin Hotel

2. Sketch. Known as one of the top places for high tea, this restaurant features multiple rooms each with a unique and interesting twist. Between the futuristic bathrooms, the feminine “pink room” and the wild floral tearoom this tea destination offers variety and bold style.


3. Artesian. Ranked one of the most beautiful bars in London this bars’ interior creates a romantic atmosphere. We can’t help but notice the gorgeous rustic chandeliers mixed with the elegant furniture and millwork is one of our favorite combinations. Not to mention the room completely lights up at night!


4. Last but not least, we couldn’t pass up on the opulence of this tea room at The Ritz London. Gold and cream hues offset by dark greenery makes this the perfect setting for fine dining. We have such an appreciation for the attention to detail and care put into this lovely room.

The Ritz London

London definitely provides a lot of opportunities to admire the variety of styles in the interior design world. From whimsical to regal these are definitely destinations for anyone who enjoys interior design to see. The diversity of style in London is so unique it creates an environment of creativity and appreciation of tastes.

“Love of beauty is taste. Creation of beauty is Art. “

-Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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