Iron in Kensington

If you follow us on social media, you will know that recently one of our design assistants has travelled to London, England! While there she will be providing us with plenty of inspiration, from all the beautiful architecture and design throughout Europe, up first: Kensington. This beautiful and, as described by locals, “posh” neighborhood is the epitome of class. When walking down the streets our assistant immediately noticed a classic trend: white buildings and incredible black iron work. This post will be one of appreciation, for the pure craftsmanship of the iron details seen in the south Kensington neighborhoods. Let’s explore the ways this design element is used…

One thing we love about the iron in Kensington is the beautiful designs they produce. Far from the typical spindles, these iron spindles are separated by ornate patterns that add such a lovely touch.


These lacquered iron railings line the edges of the sidewalks down many streets in Kensington, we love the shine and the contrast against each white building.


As you gaze up at each building it is especially lovely to see terraces closed in with such beautifully designed iron work. The photos almost don’t do this view justice…


The Kensington, London area is absolutely breathtaking. The uniformity of the streets in all white are made unique by the beautiful black designs of each buildings’ iron work. Such a perfect place to explore architecture and design, and to understand the classic beauty that is Kensington.

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