Island Transformation….Before & After

A client of ours came to us in need of a brand new kitchen island, one that not only introduced new storage but also new style to their kitchen.

Before: Their kitchen island was an old wood, and offered minimal seating space. The every day items and school supplies had no place for storage and so it began to clutter the countertops.


After (Style): We created a sleek one level island with dark millwork to create a contrasting focal point. We added ample room for seating, with leather island chairs detailed with exposed nailheads. But where did all that clutter go?


After (Storage): Where did all that clutter go? Well, carefully crafted into this island we created special storage spots for all the miscellaneous items that find their way to the kitchen counter, placed right on the side of the island for easy access. Now this client can enjoy their kitchen space with an island that is well-equipped for organization!


As designers we find every possible opportunity for organization. The most satisfying designs are those in which style meets storage in a a perfectly functional way.

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