Making the Most of Small Spaces

Small spaces can feel frustrating to design but with a few simple tips and tricks they can provide a lot of opportunity for more efficient designs! In this post we wanted to feature a few of our own projects to show how we implement these designs in order to utilize every inch of space!

  1. Go vertical! In a room with limited square footage we often forget that the wall space can be a designers best friend! We transformed this kitchen with custom millwork to build the cabinetry and appliances up vertically. Remember to utilize all your wall room from floor to ceiling!


2. Dark Ceilings! A great trick for creating the illusion of space is to paint the ceilings a dark color. This gives depth to a small space creating the appearance of a taller room. We used this technique in a recent powder room transformation with a deep blue and millwork for added dimension.


3. Hidden Storage! The most frustrating part about a small space is often finding storage for your belongings in a way that reduces clutter and is visually appealing. In this design we created hidden cubbies for bathroom essentials, that when looking from the front are not visible, but can be seen alongside the mirror. We love finding new ways to implement hidden storage, see our previous blog post on more ways to use this technique.


4. Reflect! The oldest trick in the book, mirrors can make even the smallest room feel a little more spacious. These work best in rooms with lots of windows with light to reflect. In this foyer we introduced streamlined mirrors, for some  more classic mirrors check back on our blog post “Mirror, Mirror on the wall”!


5. Less is more. Sleek lines, clean counters and tucked away seating are all a recipe for making your room feel cleaner and thus larger. The busier a room is the more the clutter fills the space and the eye. Sometimes keeping your designs simple is the best way to go!


The next time you’re feeling frustrated with your room’s size try to implement some of these tips and remember: no matter how small, every space has the potential to be both beautiful and functional!

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