A Fresh Take

We were so delighted to be able to bring to life our fresh take on a picturesque bathroom. A scene of symmetry, quite pleasing to the eye, the counter and sink area was cultivated to be a clean space, with hidden storage on the side of each elongated mirror, and a center section with seating for getting ready each day. It is highlighted by the shiny silver elements of the hardware and sink fixtures that enhance the sleek lines and look of this vanity area. Lit by a thin elegant sconce and decorated in a pathway of stunning tile mosaic this is the focal point of the master bathroom. Following the tile paths further into the bathroom brings one to the large glass shower, with its own intricate tile detailing within leading up the walls to the waterfall feature. Equipped with everything from shower seating and a towel heater, to a secluded toilet area able to be hidden by a pocket door, this master bathroom is impeccably furnished. Each element contributes to the remarkably classic simplicity of this master bathroom design, making it truly a breath of fresh air.



  • ProjectInterior Design for Residences
  • LocationShoreline Connecticut
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