Interior Design for Residences

As the entryway to the home, we wanted this foyer to be a truly refined welcome to each of its guests. As guests enter they will be greeted with this polished and inviting entry, which contrasts dark colors against stunning tall white millwork along the walls. As a designer there is always the challenge of working with aspects of a room that your clients are not going to be changing. For us this was the flooring, to which we fitted with a custom cut L shaped rug that would allow us to tie together the foyer to the stairs and better coincide with the rest of our designs. We added a touch of bright color in the side table with gold and light yellow elements, while still tying things together with the blue and white detailed vase that mirrors the rug design. As the eye travels up the stairs the iron wrought spindles wonderfully accent the stairway’s dark wood railings. Further upward and this captivating grand chandelier accentuates the whole room. The star of the show, this breathtaking chandelier is enhanced by a beautiful ceiling medallion that we had painted within in gold to capture the elegance and light from this chandelier. As a first impression of the household, this foyer space is truly an introduction to the refinement and dignity of this home, and the people within it.



  • ProjectInterior Design for Residences
  • LocationShoreline Connecticut
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