Refined Welcome…Before and After

Our clients desired a foyer that would immediately welcome family and friends into their home; introducing each guest to their very refined and classic style. The focal  point of necessary transformation was the front facing stairway. With plain wood spindles and dark floral carpeting, this stairway was in need of a modern makeover.

Before: The light wood bannisters with plain white spindles offered a very ordinary style. When paired with the very dark and busy floral carpeting, it created a disjointed feel to the foyer. The millwork was low on one side of the wall, but did not touch the inner walls of the stairway.



After: We designed this stairway with dark wood bannisters and stair tops, contrasted by the tall white millwork, now on each side of the stairs. The wooden spindles were replaced by these thin and classic iron ones that pair perfectly with the dark wood. We had a custom cut stairway rug placed, with a geometric pattern that mirrors the color scheme of the walls. Lastly we provided a stair-side table with accessories that complemented the stairs, and introduced a pop of color. After


A closer look: The iron spindles had mid length detailing and square bases. hh_refined_welcome_064

This was definitely a full transformation of every aspect of the stairway, for more photos of the full foyer please see our portfolio in the project “Refined Welcome”. Comment below your favorite element in this transformation!

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