Thanksgiving Thursday

With Thanksgiving approaching we thought we would dedicate this Thursday to some helpful hints on Thanksgiving decor. We’re focusing this post on the star of the show Thanksgiving day…the dinner table. Here are some of our favorite table setting trends to impress your family and friends this holiday season.

  1. One of our favorite place setting touches is the use of a sprig of rosemary! Not only is it a wonderfully fragrant herb, but it looks beautifully simple in these designs; tied into a wreath or attached to silverware with a bow. Rosemary’s earthy qualities and aroma will have your guests feeling festive! {Designer Hint: This pairs well with neutral/natural colors and fabrics like burlap!}
Earnest Home & Country Living

Earnest Home & Country Living

2. A personal touch. These place settings introduce wonderful little touches to make each guest feel special. A small and elegant white pumpkin for each guest, or a brown canvas card for guests to reflect and remember the purpose of this holiday. Not to mention, we love the use of a more modern holiday color way of light pastels in the design on the left.


Blesser House & Home Storues

3. Traditional! These are just a few examples of ways to decorate with a traditional aesthetic in mind, especially for those who don’t love to use bright colors. The brown, white and deep green color scheme is a beautiful nod to tradition, modernized in the photo on the right with the use of individual succulents on each plate.

Maison de Pax & Lark & Linen

Maison de Pax & Lark & Linen

4. Last but not least, we love these table settings that introduce bright pops of color! These designers utilized clementines and cranberries to highlight the colors of fall, and the effect is stunning! The gorgeous orange and red touches bring a lively feel to the setting, while maintaining an air of simplicity.

Annabode & Eyeswoon

Annabode & Eyeswoon

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to spend with family and friends gathered around the table. Hopefully these tabletop designs have inspired you to bring the festivities to life in your decor. Comment below and tell us your favorite of these place settings!

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