When one door closes…

The doorway of your home is not only the entrance for guests, but also the first impression they receive. The doorway is often the pop of color, or the focal point of the front of your home. Its versatility in shape, design and color leave a lot to be considered. Here are eight dazzling doorways we love, and the themes they carry throughout.

  1. The classic. These black and white doorways are sharp and elegant. They can be grand like the one on the left with its detailed work, or simply dressed with symmetric greenery and matching tiles. Either way it introduces the guest to a home of likely classic and clean styles. Pinterest & Red Bubble
  2. The feminine. These whimsical doorways introduce a pop of color, to be either bright and bold or soft and feminine. They give the preface that the home will be warm and full of character. sfgirlbybay & zsazabell
  3. The open. These steel framed & glass pane doors offer complete transparency to the home and plenty of natural light. Their unique and unconventional framework not only reflect the home’s style but also reveal it.  cotedetexas & thesleefamily
  4. The natural. These soft hues of green surrounded by vines or shrubbery offer a calming and peaceful visual. The simplicity and natural feel these elicit invite guests to come in and relax. Oklahoma City kitchen & the curious bumblebee

We encourage you to think about the style you have carried throughout your home, and make sure your exteriors reflect just that. The doorway should welcome guests in and portray to them your personal aesthetic.

{H + H Girls}

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